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St. Leopoldi

We are pleased to anounce a very special band to support us at the Leopoldi gig.
They are a rising star in the local music scene and eager for their debut.
Ladies And Gentleman, please welcome:

The Lunar Confusion


For all those Latin wizzes out there. If you’re the first that can tell
us what the picture means you a get a free GRIDS-CD on Saturday
See ya all

Solar Manoeuvre live @ loop Vienna!

Lets go to the big city, they said… gather more followers, they said… so let’s not keep a single stone unturned and party together on May 15th at the loop Vienna.

RSVP here:
Facebook Event
Google+ Event

Entrance free!!
Support to be announced!

Gold Rush in Dead Space @ Recordbag

We’re very pleased to announce that “Gold Rush in Dead Space” is now ready to buy at the Recordbag next to the Mariahilferstra├če. So on your next shoppingtour feel free to jump right in at the greatest selection of new Indie/rock-records in the whole city!

I want my mp3!

First of all we want to thank everyone who made the first of November such a great night. It was a real pleasure playing for you. For all of you who didn’t buy the record or even weren’t there, “Gold Rush in Dead Space” is out now as a digital release and can be downloaded at

iTunes (with special Bonus track “This Is Not a Pipe” & digital booklet)

We hope you start listening to it a lot so you can join singing it with us @ the Flat Pub on November 17th or on December 8th with Milk+ and Mothers of the Land at the Machbar Klosterneuburg.

Friday I’m in love

Roll up, Roll up for the Magical Space Tour!

Our Competition is over. The winners will be informed via mail, thanks for your support! We look forward to perform one of your great suggestions. Which one will remain a secret, until we hit the stage so stay tuned.

Furthermore we present you a new song today. It’s called “Solstice” and features a bunch of new elements in the Solar Manoeuvre sound like Andi on vocals and a lot of mandolins. Enjoy!