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Record Store Day 2015

Like last year, let us celebrate Record Store Day again!
Each year on the third Saturday in April independent record stores get together to celebrate the art of music. In 2015 the Record Store Day ambassador is Dave Grohl.
So be sure to check out your local record store and support it! For example you can buy “Gold Rush in Dead Space” at RecordBag.
Alternatively you can visit and support one or all of these shops:

Vienna-based radio station Superfly FM recently ran their series “Wiener Plattenläden”. You can read and listen to it on their own page or on Soundcloud.

To get to know more about Record Store Day, go here: or

Happy Record Store Day!

Setlist 25.03.2015 – Live w/ Mothers of the Land @ Down Under

Exposing the Shadows
Lightness of Being
Phantom Lights
Darts of Pleasure (Franz Ferdinand Cover)
Sweet Violet
Impressing the Wind
Battle of Eris
Here Comes the Reaper Man
Out of Oxygen

Heart of Danger


Live @ Down Under w/ Mothers of the Land


Mothers of the Land: Facebook & Soundcloud
Hier gehts zum Facebook Event
Eintritt: 5€

Setlist 15.11.2014 – Live @ Flat-Pub Klosterneuburg (Leopoldifest 2014)

Sunlit Hill
Albert II
Darts of Pleasure [Franz Ferdinand cover]
Face in Blood
Sugar Man [Rodriguez cover]
All I’ll Ever Have
Space Oddity [David Bowie cover]
Everything Alright
Hospital Beds [Cold War Kids cover]
Battle of Eris
Exposing the Shadows
Hey Jude [The Beatles cover]

20 minute break

Sweet Violet
White Rabbit [Jefferson Airplane cover]
In Bloom [Nirvana cover]
Here Comes the Reaper Man
Impressing the Wind
Don’t You (Forget About Me) [Simple Minds Cover]
Phantom Lights
Heart of Danger
Pinball Wizard [The Who cover]
Out of Oxygen

It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) [R.E.M. Cover]

(Terrians and Sweet Violet have swapped places last minute on stage.) Link


It’s getting hot in november!

Just when winter’s knocking on your door, we want you ready for a very special event with fellow comedians 2gewinnt and our annual Leopoldi concert!

On Nov. 12th, we will be performing exclusively with 2gewinnt, a world-renowned comedy duo. This show is called “Radio Melange” and is being performed in german.
Please get your tickets now, before they are all gone!
RSVP here:
You can check out the Facebook event here: Radio Melange Facebook Event

And after this, join us on Saturday Nov. 15th at the Flat-Pub Klosterneuburg for our annual Leopoldigig. We’ll be playing original songs as well as covers we think will fit for this evening. A corresponding Facebook event is on its way! Big thanks to Hans and Toni for inviting us year after year!

Do not let the cold winter evenings prevent you from going out – simply join us at the Aera and Flat-Pub. It will be worth your while!

Why is the cup empty? Or isn’t it? Are those guys really funny, or are they just trying really hard? All of this will be answered on Nov. 12th.
If you read this, please comment below and you can win 1 of 3 Gold Rush in Dead Space albums!!