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Hut Ab Nouveau Nebenprojekt

Wir 4 von Solar Manoeuvre (Alex, Andi, Christian und David) starten ein kleines Nebenprojekt gemeinsam mit dem sympathischen Leuten von 2Gewinnt, Christoph Straka, Rudi Schöller und Thomas Maliersch. Hier werden wir die musikalische Begleitung für den jeweiligen Abend stellen und die ein oder andere Nummer mit den Kabarettisten performen. Die Vorstellungen finden jeweils immer im Aera in der Gonzagagasse 11, 1010 Wien statt. Es freut uns sehr, wenn ihr zu den Vorpremieren-Terminen zeit finden würdet.
Die 2 Vorpremieren finden wie folgt statt:

  • 20. Mai 2016
  • 13. Juni 2016

Der Eintritt besteht aus einer freien Spende.
Hier gehts zum Reservieren der Karten:

Hut Ab Nouveau Juni 2016
Hut Ab Nouveau Mai 2016

Record Store Day 2015

Like last year, let us celebrate Record Store Day again!
Each year on the third Saturday in April independent record stores get together to celebrate the art of music. In 2015 the Record Store Day ambassador is Dave Grohl.
So be sure to check out your local record store and support it! For example you can buy “Gold Rush in Dead Space” at RecordBag.
Alternatively you can visit and support one or all of these shops:

Vienna-based radio station Superfly FM recently ran their series “Wiener Plattenläden”. You can read and listen to it on their own page or on Soundcloud.

To get to know more about Record Store Day, go here: or

Happy Record Store Day!

Support your local radio station – 2014 Edition

Last year in May we told you to support your local radio stations and this year, we are doing it again! We want to encourage you to listen to them where ever you may be! There may even be a slight chance of listening to one of our songs. Finally, here is an updated probably incomplete list of radio stations you should listen to:

Lower Austria:
Radio Ypsilon (94,5 Hollabrunn / 102,2 Retz)Facebook Page
CampusRadio St. Pölten 94,4Facebook Page

Radio Orange 94,0Facebook Page

Radio OP 98,8 OberpullendorfFacebook Page

Upper Austria:
Radio FRO 105,0 LinzFacebook Page
Radio B138 102,3 oberes KremstalFacebook Page
Freies Radio Freistadt 107,1 & 103,1Facebook Page
Freies Radio Salzkammergut *Facebook Page

Soundportal *Facebook Page
Radio Helsinki Graz 92,6Facebook Page
Radio Freequenns *Facebook Page

Radiofabrik 107,5 & 97,3Facebook Page

Radio Agora 105,5Facebook Page

Freies Radio Innsbruck 105,9Facebook Page
Radio U1 Tirol *Facebook Page
Welle 1 music radio *Facebook Page

Proton – das freie Radio (104,6 Montafon / 104,3 Feldkirch)Facebook Page

* Check website for frequencies

If you know more local radio stations, please let us know and we’ll add them to our list!

The “Salon”.

For the last few months we’ve been building a new rehearsing room / recording studio for ourselves. And after almost 12 months in the making, we finally moved in after our gig at the B72 in Vienna! It’s not fully finished yet, but it’s good enough to write and play new songs. So without further ado, say hello to the “Salon” and look at how nice it already is!