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Feel the hype with 2 more songs!

Hide & Seek



First Gig!

The Countdown is on! (13 d/ 324 h)

2 Weeks until we hit the stage. We really hope everyone is excited, but to be on the save side we have 2 really great announcements.

1.) We are honoured to say that our support on the first gig are the fabulous The Wheels! To say it in their words: “These Songs were written to be performed live.”

2.) I’m sorry but in order to not put the kiss of death on it, you have to wait for the second really awesome announcement until next week. Stay tuned……MIR!


After 6 months of recording, 3 weeks of mastering, 1 crashed harddisk and a diploma examination we are ready to present to you our first 2 songs “Heart of Danger” and “Mary”! (others are still being finished) We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed recording them. (Haha ;) ) We are also proud to announce that our first gig takes place on Wednesday September 14th 2011 at the mach-bar in Klosterneuburg. Invitations will follow soon.
Enough chit-chat, here is what all of you have been waiting for:

Heart of Danger:


Get ready…

[audio:|titles=Peek Preview|artists=Solar Manoeuvre]

Looks as if time stands still…

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