The Band

Solar Manoeuvre 2012

Roland: vox, guitar
Alex: guitar, keys, mandolin
Andi: guitar, vox
Christian: drums
David: bass

Production: Christian T. Veit

Wrap up five ingenious musicians in space suits and shoot them right into outer space. What will you get? One outstanding, higher-than-sky rock experience? Right. Smooth as silk guitar sounds enveloping around panty-tight rhythms even NASA’s DSAC could synchronize with? That’s right too. Well, almost right.

Solar Manoeuvre – after publishing their 14-track space orgasm “Gold Rush in Dead Space” – are on a prophetic orbital trajectory, around and about past, future and everything in between. Rising technologies opposed to declining higher-selfs fit in just as perfectly as the first and the last humanoid beings in space. Thrilling encounters of the third kind guaranteed!

Alter that to the comfy-close fourth kind of incident at one of their amazing concerts, where you can grasp that head-banging rhythms of the bass and pulsate to those appealing melodies. If you can’t sing-along their catchy phrases and admire their delightful stage appearances afterwards, “You must be deaf, dumb and blind, Tommy”.

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