Sometimes to love someone, you got to be a stranger.

Is this it? asked The Strokes at a time when all 5 of us, some sooner, some later, started to form bands on their own. 10 Years later, after many projects, our paths finally crossed: Solar Manoeuvre was born. And now after 8 years of playing gigs, recording and gazing at the stars, we decided to press pause. Roland is going his own path and the other four of us chose to stay together and try something completely different. Roland, we wish you all the best when you step out of that door, like Major Tom and try something on your own. But we also can’t deny that in the 50th year of the Moon landing and after three records almost everything is said about our favourite theme, space. So, similar to the end of the space shuttle which occurred at around the same time we recorded our first record, we are giving ourselves a little break. A hiatus without an end, for now. But like humanity will always find new ways to explore space, Solar Manoeuvre will find back together for even greater goals - but a hiatus nonetheless.
A farewell to the stars.

Impressing The Wind (Official Video)


Stellar Perceptions is the spectacular conclusion of Solar Manoeuvre's Space Trilogy. It tries to mirror what is happening right now and how people see what is currently happening in this universe. Two sides which represent the complete opposites of each other. On one side there is Anhedonia - the lack to see anything positive and being unable to feel joy and lust. On the other side Synesthesia - to be overwhelmed by everything, to see and feel everything in all possible combinations. This latest iteration takes you on a journey to explore not only others but also yourself.


There are no upcoming events anytime soon - feel free to check back at a later time!


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