2 Years in Review

The Band evolves

2 years have passed and it is time to recap a few milestones. Back in July 2010 I did not know what to expect when Roland wanted to start a new band, but Alex and I did not hesitate a bit to join for a few jam sessions. It was great at first, but we needed a drummer, so we called Christian. In September we started playing together and by the end of 2010 we had written around 12 songs and we simply knew we started something special. When we first decided to record our first album “Chez MIR“, Roland was against it. Back then the rest of us were too enthusiastic to even stop thinking about it. In 2011 we started recording in our rehearsing room in Höflein an der Donau. It was a great experience for us. Chez MIR was recorded from April to September 2011 and released on September 14th at the machbar Klosterneuburg.
We were so pumped, that in December we decided to write and record new songs in 2012. And for that we needed a bass player. A brief collaboration with DJ Cosmo Umupilipili from Zambia showed us that Dave was our guy, so we asked him to join us. And he did so in February. What we did not know was that recording a new album was going to be the last thing we would do in our rehearsing room in Höflein. So around April/May we set out to record again. It was extremely fun and horrible to say the least. For us recording an album always is a lot of fun, but it stresses us a lot and we tend to come into conflict with each other. It took everything from us, but as always we did it again (almost missing our deadline for the November release, which was planned 3 months early). A great big thanks goes out to Reka our album artist / photographer for always taking the time to create something special for us! And thanks again for monkey. for providing their services to us.
On November 1st we did not only release “Gold Rush in Dead Space”, but we also moved from Höflein an der Donau to Vienna. It certainly was a big step for us to leave our idyllic room behind and start something new, but it was necessary – no hard feelings. This rehearsing room was perfect for the moment. Almost all of our stuff was in Vienna, so concerts there were easy to arrange, but we wanted something bigger, something we call our own. Before we could start such a journey we had to save money… a lot of money. But first, we had to promote our album, play the songs we recorded for so long. So we played 8 concerts to promote “Gold Rush in Dead Space” alone. We loved every single one of it, sort of ^^.
Weirdly enough, almost all of these concert had one thing in common.

How to NOT write our name

A lot of people were not able to write our name correctly. Here are some examples of how we were spelt:

@puls4.com: (for the Gold Rush in Dead Space CD Release)

@Bandcafe Facebook Page:

@ Loop Vienna:

@puls4.com: (for the same event as above)

@ B72 Vienna:

@ Flat-Pub Klosterneuburg:

Manouvre, Maneuver, Maneovre, Manouevre…
It really is not that hard once you write it 10 times every day ;)
In the last year (2013), we had to tell almost every venue to please correct our name. Even hosting and organising the event itself did not help to get written correctly.

On a quick sidenote: Please listen here on how to correctly spell our name, despite the “oeu” it is not french, it just derived from the french language a couple hundred years ago.
We live in Europe, but we love the Brits a tad more than the French!

Click here for further reading:
Oxford English Dictionary
Oxford Dictionaries

Let us build our own rehearsing room

After playing a few concerts, we knew we had to find something for ourselves. We simply weren’t as productive as we were in our old rehearsing room and the McDonald’s right across the street made us fatter every time we rehearsed. Luckily before summer 2013 we had found our new location. Now what was left to do? Let me explain with a few pictures:

Umbau 03
Umbau 04
Umbau 05
There still is a lot to do, but I’ll make sure a few more pictures will leak out there ;).
Walls and ceiling are mostly done and our electrician will assist us in early January 2014. Then we still need to move everything we have to our new home, but don’t worry, everything still is according to plan. Somehow.
Album III is already planned, but we will take all the time we need. We want it to be the last one of our space trilogy, which started with Chez MIR. Who knows what will come next…

The songs that did not fit

And at the very end I want to remember the songs we had, but were lost during time and recording sessions because they simply did not fit in:

  • Well Dosed Anger
  • Blue Skies
  • Riot
  • Torrero Song
  • Drifting Away
  • Monkey Song
  • Gimme Some Change
  • and all the others I forgot…

These songs will probably never be played or recorded properly. They will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Thank you for staying with us! It was a hell of a ride until now and we like to keep it that way.
We want to wish you a happy new year!