Big announcements ahead!

Things have changed a lot in the past half year!

  1. We now have a 5th member. His name is David and he plays the bass like a little god. He is the one who designed our logo. To celebrate our new member, we took the liberty to create a small video. It is pretty self explanatory ;) The video can be found down below.
  2. To better integrate him to the group, we had a photo shoot in the beginning of June. The gallery too can be found down below or in the pictures section.
  3. We are proud to announce our new album “Gold Rush in Dead Space” to be released this autumn. More infos on the new album coming soon!
  4. Here are our next shows:
    • August 25th at the Mythos Film Festival Klosterneuburg – Begin 19.30
    • November 1st at the Shelter in Vienna supported by Propella – Begin 21.00 – Ticket 4€
    • December 8th at the machbar in Klosterneuburg

We hope, we will see you there!

Here is the content all of you have been waiting for:

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