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It’s getting hot in november!

Just when winter’s knocking on your door, we want you ready for a very special event with fellow comedians 2gewinnt and our annual Leopoldi concert!

On Nov. 12th, we will be performing exclusively with 2gewinnt, a world-renowned comedy duo. This show is called “Radio Melange” and is being performed in german.
Please get your tickets now, before they are all gone!
RSVP here: www.aera.at
You can check out the Facebook event here: Radio Melange Facebook Event

And after this, join us on Saturday Nov. 15th at the Flat-Pub Klosterneuburg for our annual Leopoldigig. We’ll be playing original songs as well as covers we think will fit for this evening. A corresponding Facebook event is on its way! Big thanks to Hans and Toni for inviting us year after year!

Do not let the cold winter evenings prevent you from going out – simply join us at the Aera and Flat-Pub. It will be worth your while!

Why is the cup empty? Or isn’t it? Are those guys really funny, or are they just trying really hard? All of this will be answered on Nov. 12th.
If you read this, please comment below and you can win 1 of 3 Gold Rush in Dead Space albums!!