Solar Manoeuvre

Roland: vox, guitar
Alex: guitar
Andi: guitar
Christian: drums

Production: ProducerG

bass, keys, and the rest of the instruments are played in teamwork

Risen from the crashed remains of two former bands (the Foreign Strangers, Slaves of Suppression) Solar Manoeuvre teamed up in the summer of 2010. Since then Roland, Andi, Christian (TFS) and Alex (SoS) locked themself up in their basement in Höflein to work on music.

On the 14th of September they released their first LP “Chez MIR”. Between autumn 2011 and winter 2012 Solar Manoeuvre played their first concerts in Klosterneuburg.

Right now they’re back in the basement and started working on their second LP…..stay tuned to hear new sounds from the Solar Manoeuvre!